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Emergency Dental Treatment

Dr. Cox understands that dental emergencies occur outside of normal business hours and he will make every effort to serve you outside of normal office hours when necessary if a dental emergency occurs.


Teeth Cleaning and Instruction

The bacteria in plaque produce acid that can eat right through tooth enamel, opening the way for cavities to develop. Plaque also irritates the gums, leading to gum disease, which in its early stage is called gingivitis.


Implant Restoration

A permanent solution to a better quality of life. Dental implants replace your missing teeth, preserve your bone and restore your confidence. A dental implant is designed to replace the root of a missing tooth or teeth.


Root Canals

The root canal procedure treats disorders of the nerve (pulp) of the tooth. The most common factors contributing to a need for a root canal are: 1. Infection caused by deep decay or a very large filling...

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The dental work above has been completed by G.S. Cox, Jr. DDS